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22nd March 2018 
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    Psychotherapist Bradford on Avon offering Psychotherapy, Counselling and Couples therapy in Bradford on Avon


    Please browse these pages and feel welcome to contact me with any further queries or to make an appointment.

    I aim to help anyone making contact with me to receive the help they need . This may mean having a short conversation on the phone initially to find out more about whether I can help you.

    I have worked as a Psychotherapist for 21 years and prior to this worked in the helping professions throughout my career.This means that I have experience and skills to help a range of individuals, couples or small groups, dealing with different issues or problems. I can also assess whether I might be the best person to help, and if not, I can suggest other resources.

    I offer Psychotherapy and Counselling to Individuals, couples and small groups in a safe and confidential environment.

    Please feel welcome to make contact confidentially by phone 01225 863364 mobile text 07718487596 or email:

    I work throughout the week in Bradford on Avon.

    I aim to offer my clients a therapeutic relationship based on each person's requirement and drawing on my skills, expertise, training and experience.

    Counselling or short term Psychotherapy tends to mean that we would meet for a set number of sessions and focus on resolving an agreed issue in your life.

    Longer term or open ended Psychotherapy means that we agree to meet for as long as is needed and give time and space to issues and aspects of self as they arise.

    Couples Counselling or Relationship Therapy can be longer or shorter term . I can offer couples or other small groups short or long term therapy depending upon what we decide together.

    I am interested in working with you regardless of your age, social, religious or ethnic background, your abilities or capacities, your sexual orientation or gender identity.

    Bradford on Avon is easily accessible by train, bus or car from Trowbridge, Westbury, Frome, Bristol, Bath, Keynsham, Radstock, Trowbridge and Warminster. My Therapy consulting room is easy to find, near to Bradford-on-Avon railway station (direct trains from Trowbridge, Westbury, Frome, Warminster, Bristol, Bath, Oldfield Park and Keynsham) and near to car parks.

    I can also offer Psychotherapy sessions by phone or skype for those who live some distance from Bradford on Avon or who may need a mix of skype sessions and face to face sessions..

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    Psychotherapy provides a place to find acceptance and time to help you identify and get to know your particular needs and find the best way for you to work through difficulties, pain, blocks, patterns in relationship,

    As a fully qualified psychotherapist I offer a talking therapy known generically as therapy, counselling or psychotherapy and recognised as helping with issues such as:

    Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, post traumatic Stress, grief, bereavement and loss, addictions, phobias, carer support, childhood abuse, trauma, deprivation. Self esteem issues, low self esteem, sense of inferiority, relationship difficulties, child related Issues, post natal depression, disability, self esteem issues, self Confidence, work related stress, retirement, life transitions, loss of meaning, chronic health conditions, mental illness, family members with mental illness, aspergers/autistic spectrum conditions ......

    Of course this list does not cover all that psychotherapy or counselling can help with. You may identify with these issues or may recognise other less easily defined states such as unhappiness, feeling excluded, different, alone or fearful. Or you may be looking for a therapist to help you get to know yourself or accept yourself, to enhance your quality of life or as a requirement of a professional training which you have chosen.
    If you are looking for couples counselling or other relationship or family therapy please see further details on my couples counselling page.

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    Denise Darroch UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and clinical Supervisor offering weekly or twice weekly therapy , psychotherapy , counselling, couples counselling, relationship and family therapy. Also offering clinical Supervision, consultancy and mentoring to those working in the helping professions. I work in Bradford on Avon which is convenient for those who live or work in or near Trowbridge , Bath, Westbury, Bristol, Wiltshire and Bath

    Contact to make an appointment or to enquire further 01225863364 or

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