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9th August 2022 

Couples Therapy Relationship Counselling


I offer couples an initial session to focus on what would help this particular couple at this time. This may be a short term contract to focus on a current issue arising in your lives, or a longer term more open ended project to support you as a couple to understand and find a way of working together with problems which have developed over time.

As therapist I can enable conversations which are too difficult and painful to have when alone together. Such conversations may involve a range of issues such as making sense of life transitions, loss, depression or other mental/physical health problems. Sexual difficulties or differences, affairs or feelings of jealousy or loss of trust. There are very many different reasons why a couple may find therapy helpful.

Current usual fee is 65 per session (including the initial session.) Some lower cost places may be available.

To make an appointment or to make further enquiry please contact 01225 863364 or

Other relationships

I have experience of working with family members such as parent and adult son and or daughter, work colleagues or friends. Any small group of 2 or 3 people who have a relationship which they are struggling with. Therapy can enable a conversation which has become too painful or difficult to have. The therapist can join the conversation and allow space for the pain and difficulty to be bearable.

Current usual fee is 65 per session. Some lower cost spaces may be available.

To arrange an appointment or make further enquiry please contact 01225 863364 or

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